Our Culture

Vistaran Team

A Breath of Fresh Air from Traditional Work Practices

Doing away with the traditional punching system, we adopt a trust-based system, recognizing that our employees are responsible individuals who respect their work schedule. So, if an employee arrives 5-10 minutes late, we focus on their commitment up to a grueling 9-hours shift rather than the couple of minutes they may have missed.

Balanced Work-Life Integration

During our 9-hours work shift, employees are encouraged to take an hour long lunch break and given an additional 45 minutes to engage in games or even take a power nap to recharge. This is part of our emphasis on being a supportive workplace at the same time ensuring productivity.

Vistaran Team
Vistaran Team

Health and Well-being Matters

We highly value the health and well-being of our workforce. Frequently, we organise sports outings and other team bonding activities not only for the purpose of relaxation but to bolster camaraderie among the team members.

Dynamic Leadership - Non Bossy, Patient Managers

Our managers symbolise our corporate culture. They understand that great leadership is not about hierarchy, but facilitating an environment of collaboration and mutual respect. Therefore, our managers are anything but bossy or impatient and always aim to lead by example.

Vistaran Team

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